Free Notecard Project!

–Updated 1/31/2022 with new Valentine pictures!

Unless you’ve been living on a desert island without communication, I’m sure you’ve heard that most (if not all), Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities and Senior Care Homes across the United States have been temporarily closed to the public. This means no visitors–not even family–and in some places that means the residents are restricted to their rooms. To add a little bit of cheer people are being encouraged to send cards and notes to let these people know that they aren’t forgotten. For that purpose, I have created these coloring page notecards! They are mostly simple drawings that even a child can color with success. (Don’t worry if they don’t “get the colors right”–trust me, people won’t care!) I have them attached below-you should be able to right click and save them to your computer so that you can insert them into a Word document and print them the way you prefer. I suggest one per page which make them a little bigger than a 5×7 notecard or I’ve also been printing two on a page and cutting them in half so they’re like big postcards. I like the extra thickness of cardstock but plain paper is perfectly fine. (They could also be printed as a coloring page.) Your message inside doesn’t have to be long or stressful if that’s not your thing–just a “Thinking of You” or “I hope this brightens your day” is perfect. My suggestion is to fix a stack (most facilities have at least 50 residents so you’re probably not going to send too many!) and then getting it to the activities director. (You can call and see if there’s a place you can drop them off near the door without coming in physical contact with anyone.) If you’re mailing them just put it “c/o Activities Director” and add a sticky note inside that explains they are for any resident that might need a little extra cheering up!

DISCLAIMER: These are free for your personal use and in the ways explained. These are not intended for resale. Please do not alter in any way other than what is understood above. Feel free to contact me with questions!

I’ve had so much fun painting and coloring stacks of these!