John’s Truck

This painting is called “John’s Truck” but it’s not really John’s truck.

The truck belongs to our neighbor but my friend John put dibs on the original before I even finished painting it. Because of that I’ve always referred to it as “John’s truck painting”. When it came time to name this piece I thought about other titles but “John’s Truck” seemed to fit the best.

This is my latest limited edition print. These are Gicleé prints which are some of the highest quality of prints available on the market today. (I’ve been told that Gicleé’s are being accepted into permanent exhibits at museums and the inks have been tested to last over 150 years.)

I honestly had so much fun painting this one. The rusty textures, the hide-and-seek paint and glass-less windows made my heart race and I decided that I need to paint more dilapidated old trucks. 😉

“John’s Truck”
Limited Edition Gicleé Print, Signed and Numbered
Image Size 5 1/2 x 8 1/2

Plus 6% sales tax for Kentucky residents or shipping when applicable.

Notecards also available for $4