*NEW* Puzzles

Magnetic Puzzles are here!

12 pieces (so they’re easy to put together but not always as simple as you might think 🙂)
*Plus 6% tax for Kentucky residents / $4.00 shipping if applicable
Three different styles available: Purple Iris, Orange Lily, Pink Peony

Each one is like three gifts in one because you get the puzzle, the art and the reusable tin! Since the puzzles are magnetic you probably won’t be putting it back in the tin so that frees it up for other uses! (Corral small things in your purse, organize something in a drawer, etc.) I personally think these puzzles would be absolutely perfect for Mother’s Day!!

I don’t have too many on hand (because honestly they are expensive to produce and I didn’t want to sink alot into the inventory of them) which means that you should allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. (If you need it for Mother’s Day I need to know ASAP!) I don’t plan on keeping these around–it was just kind of a one-time fun thing I wanted to try–so if you want one don’t wait!