About The Artist

Who am I? Just a country girl livin’ her dream and loving the life God’s given me. I’ve been drawing on walls, receipts, napkins, paper and pretty much anything else I could find from the time I was big enough to hold a crayon. Since I was homeschooled I had the perfect opportunity to persue a creative life and was encouraged to work on my art. During my highschool years I discovered Lee Hammond’s books (specifically her “How To Draw Lifelike Portraits From Photographs”), which, combined with the resulting friendship and encouragement from Lee, resulted in a dramatic improvement in my drawings.

The year that I graduated highschool I had the opportunity to take a week-long workshop with American Artist Mitchell Tolle. He introduced me to the fine art of watercolor painting and gave me valuable advice concerning the drawing techniques that I was currently using. That week turned out to be life-changing as in the following months I utilized different things that he suggested and started delving into the world of watercolor. Over the last decade I have watched my work grow and change in dramatic ways and have continued to learn under his instruction and teaching. I consider him to be an invaluable mentor, critic, and friend.

For several years I shyed away from the marketing aspect of the business, but even so my work was present at several special organization and charity auctions–and sold for well over “asking price”. Since I want to be able to paint the things *I* love, I don’t accept a large number of commissions. However, if you have something you want me to consider, feel free to drop me a note with the details!

I have been called “one of the most capable and promising artists Kentucky has produced” and was voted one of the Top 3 Artists in Kentucky by the over one million readers of the Kentucky Living Magazine for two years in a row. (2012 and 2013–which were the last two years that “artist” was an option on the contest form.)

I appreciate you stopping by! Grab a couple’a cookies and a glass of sweet tea and relax while you take a few minutes to browse through the gallery. You can keep up on the very latest by “liking” my page over on Facebook. I always love to hear from you so feel free to drop me a note!